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Vodkast Records


Music on vinyls sounds the best!
Vodkast is the first record shop in Georgia and actively supplies  audiophiles with rare sound from modern and old school stuff. Here you can find new and second handed records,  turn-tables and all details you should need if you are analog lover.

Vodkast was founded by Georgian pioneer deejay, Gio Bakanidze who started this big story from podcast series. After his sudden death his friends lunched first record shop in with the same name “Vodkast”. Today Vodkast unites record shop, Music label, Podcast series and event nights.
After 3 years of working it’s probably impossible not to see how vinyl shop helped and boosted the local electronic scene’s development.
Nowadays this vinyl shop is the meeting space for those who are in love with music. Here you can find not only locals, but also DJ-s from other countries visiting Tbilisi for the big electronic music events.

For those who haven’t started listening to music on vinyls yet, have the opportunity to join the amazing vinyl world even with the zero knowledge. Here one can find anything needed.