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Great food, great wine and Tone bread!

Tough it was the first experience in a restaurant business for sisters Nato and Tako Makhaldiani, Tone easily succeeded in being the only place among Fabrika’s food choices linked to Georgian traditions. It offers a tone bread baked on the premises in a cylindrical clay oven located in Fabrika’s courtyard, a longread of Georgian wines and a variety of cheese. Those three go perfectly together.

There is nothing better than a locally baked tone bread with a dense red wine and a locally made cheese having familiar French names or a tone sandwich with melting Sulguni cheese, fresh pesto and a home-made sun-dried tomatoes with a glass of fruity white wine.

One more unique thing about the place are patés made with sister’s secret family recipes. Delicious! As Georgians love to say – you will also eat your fingers.

And can’t skip mentioning Tone Steak – they say, Tone has the best stake in the city!

What to experience more Georgian traditions?

Ask to bake a bread yourself: just try to attach a heavy dough to a completely vertical wall. Just as easy as that.