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11:00 - 01:00

Tel: 995599090027

Moulin Electrique


Meeting with friends for a drink or two – definitely at Moulin Electrique.

The veteran of Tbilisi’s bar scene.

First Moulin has been opened years ago in the old city but comparing the two Moulins is like comparing The Godfather I with The Godfather II. Both are great and both are deeply loved by  people.

Being a place without any presence in social media, it is packed not only by locals but lots of travelers as well.

With its legendary hosts, Liza and Bakha, good food and drinks, some of the best music playlists and the cheerful attitude to the guests, they make you feel better than at home.

What to order? Steak Salad, Khachapuri and their Home-made Lemonade – a simple formula of happiness.