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MILK Coffee Shop


While  traveling in Italy coffee lover can find out the perfect cappuccino and wonder how the Italians are making this kind of coffee. Italians do not keep the coffee making secrets just for themselves especially for those who love coffee.  they will gladly invite you and show retro style shining “La Marzocco” which is probably the best coffee machine in the world.

For coffee lovers only coffee is not enough, they want to know the methods and techniques how coffee can be turned into perfect americano, cappuccino or other coffee drink.
One watching the process of coffee making will definitely be filled new ideas how one can spread the coffee culture. Among these thoughts there is the greatest  idea: open a coffee shop in Tbilisi with “La Marzocco” coffee machine.

And that is the story behind MILK coffee shop at Fabrika where one of the best coffees are served with lots of little cakes and sweets.